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DtSearchValidDateString(library call)	 DtSearchValidDateString(library call)

       DtSearchValidDateString — Validate and convert a user date string

       #include <Dt/Search.h>
       DtSrObjdate DtSearchValidDateString(
       char *date_string);

       DtSearchValidDateString validates a DtSearch date string, as might have
       been entered by a user in a free form text field, and converts it  into
       a valid DtSrObjdate.

       Since  an invalid date string format returns a distinctive DtSrObjdate,
       this function may also be used as a boolean test for string validity.

		 Specifies the date string to be validated and converted.

		 The format for a valid date string is "[yyyy [mm [dd]]", one,
		 two,  or  three ASCII numeric tokens separated by one or more
		 nonnumeric chars (whitespace, slashes, etc). The integer yyyy
		 represents a Gregorian calendar year number in the range 1990
		 to 5995 inclusive. If yyyy is less than 1900, 1900  is	 added
		 to it. The integer mm is a Gregorian calendar month number in
		 the range 1 to 12 inclusive. The integer dd  is  a  Gregorian
		 calendar day number in the range 1 to 31 inclusive.

		 If only two tokens are in the string, they are presumed to be
		 yyyy and mm, and dd is presumed to be to 1.

		 If only one token is in the string,  it  is  presumed	to  be
		 yyyy, and both mm and dd are presumed to be 1.

       DtSearchValidDateString	 returns   zero	  (a   valid  DtSrObjdate)  if
       date_string is NULL or empty.

       It returns a correctly formatted DtSrObjdate on	successful  parse  and

       It  returns  -1	and  a	message	 on  the MessageList if date_string is

       DtSrAPI(3), DtSearchQuery(3), dtsrfzkfiles(4), DtSearch(5)

					 DtSearchValidDateString(library call)

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