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DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle(API)			   DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle(API)

       DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle — set workspace title

       #include <Dt/Wsm.h>
       int DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle(
       Widget widget,
       Atom workspace,
       char *title);

       The DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle() function works with the CDE workspace man‐
       ager, dtwm(1), and changes a specific workspace's  title.  Applications
       can  use	 this function to implement an interface to the workspace man‐

       If the DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle() function is not	successful,  the  most
       likely  reason  for failure is that the CDE workspace manager, dtwm(1),
       is not running.	The DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle() function requires a  wid‐
       get.  A	gadget (or unrealized widget) is not acceptable for the widget

       DtWsmSetWorkspaceTitle() sends a message to the CDE workspace  manager,
       dtwm(1),	 to  set  the  title.  If  the workspace name is not valid, no
       action is taken and the workspace manager reports no error.

       widget	 A realized widget on the screen of interest

       workspace The name of the workspace (in X atom form)  where  the	 title
		 should be set

       title	 The new title

       The  function  returns  Success (0) when it succeeds, and non-zero upon
       failure.	 Note that these are  not  the	same  values  that  _DtWsmSet‐
       WorkspaceTitle returns.


       "Communicating  with the Workspace Manager" section in the CDE Program‐
       mer's Guide

       "Workspace Manager" section in the CDE Programmer's Overview


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