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F77(3)		      User Contributed Perl Documentation		F77(3)

       ExtUtils::F77 - Simple interface to F77 libs

       This module tries to figure out how to link C programs with Fortran
       subroutines on your system. Basically one must add a list of Fortran
       runtime libraries. The problem is their location and name varies with
       each OS/compiler combination!

       This module tries to implement a simple 'rule-of-thumb' database for
       various flavours of UNIX systems.  A simple self-documenting Perl
       database of knowledge/code for figuring out how to link for various
       combinations of OS and compiler is embedded in the modules Perl code.
       Please help save the world by sending database entries for your system
       to kgb@aaoepp.aao.gov.au

       The library list which the module returns can be explicitly overridden
       by setting the environment variable F77LIBS, e.g.

	 % setenv F77LIBS "-lfoo -lbar"
	 % perl Makefile.PL

	 use ExtUtils::F77;		  # Automatic guess
	 use ExtUtils::F77 qw(sunos);	  # Specify system
	 use ExtUtils::F77 qw(linux g77); # Specify system and compiler
	 $fortranlibs = ExtUtils::F77->runtime;

       The following methods are provided:

       ·   runtime

	   Returns a list of F77 runtime libraries.

	     $fortranlibs = ExtUtils::F77->runtime;

       ·   runtimeok

	   Returns TRUE only if runtime libraries have been found

       ·   trail_

	   Returns true if F77 names have trailing underscores.

       ·   compiler

	   Returns command to execute the compiler (e.g. 'f77').

       ·   cflags

	   Returns compiler flags.

       ·   testcompiler

	   Test to see if compiler actually works.

       More methods  will probably be added in the future.

       Karl Glazebrook (kgb@aaoepp.aao.GOV.AU).

perl v5.10.0			  2005-02-03				F77(3)

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