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GRUB-MKIMAGE(1)			 User Commands		       GRUB-MKIMAGE(1)

       grub-mkimage - make a bootable image of GRUB

       grub-mkimage [OPTION...] [OPTION]... [MODULES]

       Make a bootable image of GRUB.

       -c, --config=FILE
	      embed FILE as an early config

       -C, --compression=(xz|none|auto)
	      choose the compression to use for core image

       -d, --directory=DIR
	      use  images  and modules under DIR [default=/usr/lib/grub/<plat‐

       -k, --pubkey=FILE
	      embed FILE as public key for signature checking

       -m,				--memdisk=FILE
	      embed FILE as a memdisk image

       Implies `-p (memdisk)/boot/grub' and overrides

	      any prefix supplied previously, but the  prefix  itself  can  be
	      overridden by later options

       -n, --note
	      add NOTE segment for CHRP IEEE1275

       -o, --output=FILE
	      output a generated image to FILE [default=stdout]

       -O, --format=FORMAT
	      generate	an  image  in FORMAT available formats: i386-coreboot,
	      i386-multiboot,	 i386-pc,    i386-pc-pxe,    i386-pc-eltorito,
	      i386-efi,	  i386-ieee1275,   i386-qemu,	x86_64-efi,  i386-xen,
	      x86_64-xen,    mipsel-yeeloong-flash,    mipsel-fuloong2f-flash,
	      mipsel-loongson-elf,   powerpc-ieee1275,	 sparc64-ieee1275-raw,
	      sparc64-ieee1275-cdcore,	  sparc64-ieee1275-aout,     ia64-efi,
	      mips-arc,		   mipsel-arc,		 mipsel-qemu_mips-elf,
	      mips-qemu_mips-flash,		       mipsel-qemu_mips-flash,
	      mips-qemu_mips-elf, arm-uboot, arm-efi, arm64-efi

       -p, --prefix=DIR
	      set prefix directory [default=//boot/grub]

       -v, --verbose
	      print verbose messages.

       -?, --help
	      give this help list

	      give a short usage message

       -V, --version
	      print program version

       Mandatory  or  optional arguments to long options are also mandatory or
       optional for any corresponding short options.

       Report bugs to <>.

       grub-install(8), grub-mkrescue(1), grub-mknetdir(8)

       The full documentation for grub-mkimage is maintained as a Texinfo man‐
       ual.   If  the info and grub-mkimage programs are properly installed at
       your site, the command

	      info grub-mkimage

       should give you access to the complete manual.

grub-mkimage (GRUB) 2.02~beta2	 February 2014		       GRUB-MKIMAGE(1)

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