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SSL_state_string(3)		    OpenSSL		   SSL_state_string(3)

       SSL_state_string, SSL_state_string_long - get textual description of
       state of an SSL object

	#include <openssl/ssl.h>

	const char *SSL_state_string(SSL *ssl);
	const char *SSL_state_string_long(SSL *ssl);

       SSL_state_string() returns a 6 letter string indicating the current
       state of the SSL object ssl.

       SSL_state_string_long() returns a string indicating the current state
       of the SSL object ssl.

       During its use, an SSL objects passes several states. The state is
       internally maintained. Querying the state information is not very
       informative before or when a connection has been established. It how‐
       ever can be of significant interest during the handshake.

       When using non-blocking sockets, the function call performing the hand‐
       shake may return with SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ or SSL_ERROR_WANT_WRITE con‐
       dition, so that SSL_state_string[_long]() may be called.

       For both blocking or non-blocking sockets, the details state informa‐
       tion can be used within the info_callback function set with the
       SSL_set_info_callback() call.

       Detailed description of possible states to be included later.

       ssl(3), SSL_CTX_set_info_callback(3)

0.9.7d				  2003-11-20		   SSL_state_string(3)

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