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Tcl_BooleanObj(3)	    Tcl Library Procedures	     Tcl_BooleanObj(3)


       Tcl_NewBooleanObj,  Tcl_SetBooleanObj,  Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj - manipu‐
       late Tcl objects as boolean values

       #include <tcl.h>

       Tcl_Obj *

       Tcl_SetBooleanObj(objPtr, boolValue)

       Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj(interp, objPtr, boolPtr)

       int	    boolValue (in)	Integer value used  to	initialize  or
					set  a boolean object.	If the integer
					is nonzero, the boolean object is  set
					to  1; otherwise the boolean object is
					set to 0.

       Tcl_Obj	    *objPtr   (in/out)	For Tcl_SetBooleanObj, this points  to
					the  object to be converted to boolean
					type.  For Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj, this
					refers to the object from which to get
					a boolean value; if  objPtr  does  not
					already	 point to a boolean object, an
					attempt will be made to convert it  to

       Tcl_Interp   *interp   (in/out)	If  an error occurs during conversion,
					an error message is left in the inter‐
					preter's  result  object unless interp
					is NULL.

       int	    *boolPtr  (out)	Points to place where  Tcl_GetBoolean‐
					FromObj stores the boolean value (0 or
					1) obtained from objPtr.

       These procedures are used to  create,  modify,  and  read  boolean  Tcl
       objects from C code.  Tcl_NewBooleanObj and Tcl_SetBooleanObj will cre‐
       ate a new object of boolean type or modify an existing object  to  have
       boolean	type.	Both  of  these	 procedures set the object to have the
       boolean value (0 or 1) specified by boolValue; if boolValue is nonzero,
       the  object  is	set to 1, otherwise to 0.  Tcl_NewBooleanObj returns a
       pointer to a newly created object with reference count zero.  Both pro‐
       cedures	set  the  object's  type  to be boolean and assign the boolean
       value  to  the  object's	 internal  representation  longValue   member.
       Tcl_SetBooleanObj invalidates any old string representation and, if the
       object is not already a boolean object, frees any old  internal	repre‐

       Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj  attempts	to return a boolean value from the Tcl
       object objPtr.  If the object is not already a boolean object, it  will
       attempt to convert it to one.  If an error occurs during conversion, it
       returns TCL_ERROR and leaves an	error  message	in  the	 interpreter's
       result  object unless interp is NULL.  Otherwise, Tcl_GetBooleanFromObj
       returns TCL_OK and stores the boolean value in  the  address  given  by
       boolPtr.	 If the object is not already a boolean object, the conversion
       will free any old internal representation.   Objects  having  a	string
       representation  equal  to  any  of  0, false, no, or off have a boolean
       value 0; if the string representation is any of 1, true, yes, or on the
       boolean value is 1.  Any of these string values may be abbreviated, and
       upper-case spellings are also acceptable.

       Tcl_NewObj, Tcl_DecrRefCount, Tcl_IncrRefCount, Tcl_GetObjResult

       boolean, boolean object, boolean type, internal representation, object,
       object type, string representation

Tcl				      8.0		     Tcl_BooleanObj(3)
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