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XtAppGetErrorDatabase(3)	 XT FUNCTIONS	      XtAppGetErrorDatabase(3)

       XtAppGetErrorDatabase, XtAppGetErrorDatabaseText - obtain error data‐

       XrmDatabase *XtAppGetErrorDatabase(XtAppContext app_context);

       void XtAppGetErrorDatabaseText(XtAppContext app_context, char *name,
	      char *type, char *class, char *default, char *buffer_return, int
	      nbytes, XrmDatabase database);

		 Specifies the application context.

		 Specifies the buffer into which the error message is to be

       class	 Specifies the resource class of the error message.

       database	 Specifies the name of the alternative database that is to be
		 used or NULL if the application's database is to be used.

       default	 Specifies the default message to use.

       type	 Specifies the name and type that are concatenated to form the
		 resource name of the error message.

       nbytes	 Specifies the size of the buffer in bytes.

       The XtAppGetErrorDatabase function returns the address of the error
       database.  The Intrinsics do a lazy binding of the error database and
       do not merge in the database file until the first call to XtAppGetEr‐

       The XtAppGetErrorDatabaseText returns the appropriate message from the
       error database or returns the specified default message if one is not
       found in the error database.

       XtAppError(3Xt), XtAppErrorMsg(3Xt)
       X Toolkit Intrinsics - C Language Interface
       Xlib - C Language X Interface

X Version 11			  libXt 1.0.8	      XtAppGetErrorDatabase(3)
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