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       abrt-action-analyze-java - Calculate and save UUID & DUPHASH and
       determine the level of usability for reporting of a Java stack trace.

       abrt-action-analyze-java [-v] [-d DIR] [-o] [-f FILE]

       The tool reads the file named backtrace from a problem data directory,
       processes it and generates a universally unique identifier (UUID). Then
       it saves this data as new element uuid. It also checks whether the
       stack trace contains a remote address in any of its frames and if so it
       creates not-reportable element whose contents explains why the stack
       trace should not be reported into a bug tracking system.

   Integration with ABRT events
       abrt-action-analyze-java can be used to generate the UUID & DUPHAS of a
       newly saved Java stack trace.

	   EVENT=post-create analyzer=Java   abrt-action-analyze-java

       -d DIR
	   Path to a problem directory. The tool reads the backtrace from
	   stdin when neither this option nor -f is provided.

       -f FILE
	   Path to a stack trace. The tool reads the backtrace from stdin when
	   neither this option nor -d is provided.

	   Print the result to stdout.

	   Be more verbose. Can be given multiple times.

       ยท   ABRT team

abrt-java-connector		  01/19/2014		 ABRT-ACTION-ANALYZ(1)

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