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accept_focus()							accept_focus()

  accept_focus	-  Core	 class method for accepting or rejecting the key‐
  board focus.

  typedef Boolean (*XtAcceptFocusProc)(Widget, Time *);
	 Widget w;
	 Time *time;

  w	    Specifies the widget.

  time	    Specifies the X time of the event causing the parent to offer
	    focus to the child.

  True if the child actually took the focus; False otherwise.

  The  accept_focus()  method  is registered on the accept_focus field of
  the Core class part structure and  is	 invoked  by  XtCallAcceptFocus()
  when a parent widget wants to offer keyboard focus to a widget.  If the
  widget wants the keyboard focus, it should take it with the Xlib  func‐
  tion	XSetInputFocus()  and  return  True.  If the widget does not cur‐
  rently want the focus, it should return False.

  The ICCCM requires that a widget use Parent for the revert_to	 argument
  to XSetInputFocus().

  The  accept_focus()  method is not chained.  If a widget class does not
  define an accept_focus() method, it  can  use	 XtInheritAcceptFocus  to
  inherit  the method from its superclass.  If the widget never wants the
  focus, it should have an accept_focus field of NULL.

  Note that this method is an invitation to take the focus, not notifica‐
  tion that focus has changed, and not a command to take the focus.

  A  widget that needs to know when it loses the focus can specify trans‐
  lations or event handlers for FocusIn and FocusOut events.

  None of the Intrinsics or Xaw widget classes define  an  accept_focus()
  method, and none of them ever call XtCallAcceptFocus().

  An  application  that	 wants	to direct keyboard events to a particular
  widget should use XtSetKeyboardFocus().

See Also
  XtCallAcceptFocus(1), XtSetKeyboardFocus(1).

Xt - Intrinsics Methods						accept_focus()

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