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acctsuspend(5)							acctsuspend(5)

       acctsuspend,  acctresume - suspend and resume accounting when available
       disk space reaches threshold




   Allowed values


   Recommended values

       acctresume: (But more than acctsuspend)

       The and tunables control when accounting stops and resumes due to  disk
       space  constraints.  When free disk space on the file system being used
       by accounting reaches the suspension threshold, which is the percentage
       relative	 to  the  percentage of disk space available only to the supe‐
       ruser, accounting is suspended until such time as the free  disk	 space
       reaches	the  resumption threshold, which is the percentage relative to
       the percentage of disk space available only to the superuser.

	      Note: Since the and values are specified relative	 to  the  per‐
	      centage  of disk space available only to the superuser, negative
	      values of these parameters can make sense.  For example, if  the
	      superuser	 has reserved 10 percent of the disk space on the file
	      system at file system creation time, and acctsuspend is  -5  and
	      acctresume  is  0, the suspension threshold will be 5 percent of
	      the total disk space and the resumption  threshold  will	be  10
	      percent of the total disk space.

   Who Is Expected to Change This Tunable?
       Anyone using accounting.

   Restrictions on Changing
       Changes to this tunable take effect at the next reboot.

   When Should the Value of This Tunable Be Raised?
       Increasing either variable should be considered when it is necessary to
       maintain a higher percentage of free space on the  accounting  filesys‐

   What Are the Side Effects of Raising the Value of This Tunable?
       The  higher  either value is, the less accounting data may be captured.
       The further the values are separated, the greater the amount of	poten‐
       tially lost accounting data.

   When Should the Value of This Tunable Be Lowered?
       If  additional  disk space is needed for accounting data, and it cannot
       be obtained by moving files off of the filesystem, then	the  value  of
       should be lowered.

   What Are the Side Effects of Lowering the Value of This Tunable?
       Filesystem  performance	(writing  accounting records) decreases as the
       filesystem fills up.  In turn, this will decrease the  overall  perfor‐
       mance of accounting processes.

   What Other Tunables Should Be Changed at the Same Time?
       When changing either of these tunables, both should be considered.

       All HP-UX kernel tunable parameters are release specific.  This parame‐
       ter may be removed or have its meaning changed in  future  releases  of

       Installation of optional kernel software, from HP or other vendors, may
       cause changes to tunable parameter values.   After  installation,  some
       tunable	parameters may no longer be at the default or recommended val‐
       ues.  For information about the effects of installation on tunable val‐
       ues, consult the documentation for the kernel software being installed.
       For  information	 about	optional  kernel  software  that  was  factory
       installed on your system, see at

       and were developed by HP.


			   Tunable Kernel Parameters		acctsuspend(5)

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