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ACSS(3)				    OpenSSL			       ACSS(3)

       acss, acss_setkey - ACSS encryption

	#include <openssl/acss.h>

	void acss_setkey(ACSS_KEY *key, const unsigned char *data, int enc,
		int mode);

	void acss(ACSS_KEY *key, unsigned long len, const unsigned char *in,
		unsigned char *out);

       This library implements the Alleged Content Scrambling System.  It is
       believed to be interoperable with CSS of the DVD Copy Control

       ACSS is a stream cipher with a fixed key length of 40 bit (5 byte).

       ACSS consists of a key setup phase and the actual encryption or
       decryption phase.

       acss_setkey() sets up the ACSS_KEY key using the 40 bit key at data.
       If the flag enc is set to 1 key will be used for encryption, otherwise
       for decryption.	The integer mode denotes the mode to use.  Acceptible
       values are 0 to 3.  For any other value mode 0 is used.

       acss() encrypts or decrypts the len bytes of in using key and places
       the result at out.

       Applications should use the higher level functions EVP_EncryptInit(3)
       etc.  instead of calling the acss functions directly.

       None of the functions presented here return any value.

       ACSS is considered as an insecure cipher.  Therefore, use of ACSS is

       RC4(3), arc4random(3)

       A proprietary algorithm called CSS can be licensed from the DVD Copy
       Control Association (DVD CCA).  CSS is considered a trade secret and is
       not patented.  In October 1999 source code for CSS was posted
       anonymously to the LiViD mailing list.  Since then, several
       implementations and mathematical descriptions of CSS are available and
       CSS has been subject to cryptanalysis.  The DVD CCA has repeatedly
       failed to sue individuals for publishing such information about CSS.

       ACSS is a stream cipher written from scratch and believed to be
       interoperable with CSS.

OpenBSD 4.9						      January 23, 2004

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