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ALSACONF(8)							   ALSACONF(8)

       alsaconf - configuration tool for the Advanced Linux Sound Architecture

       alsaconf [options]

       This  manual  page documents briefly the alsaconf command.  This manual
       page was written for the Debian distribution because the original  pro‐
       gram does not have a manual page.

       Alsaconf is a simple shell script which tries to detect the sound cards
       on your system and writes a suitable configuration file	for  ALSA.  It
       will  try to guess what GNU/Linux distribution you're running, and will
       act accordingly to the standards of that distribution, if specific sup‐
       port is available.

       Alsaconf will write a module-init-tools (or modutils) snippet which can
       be then used by module-init-tools (or modutils)	to  load  the  correct
       parameters for your sound card.

       Alsaconf accepts the following options:

       -c, --config file
	      Specify the module config file.  As default, alsaconf probes the
	      available config file automatically.

       -d, --devmode mode
	      Set the device mode for the ALSA devices (default = 0666).  This
	      option is obsolete in the recent ALSA version.

       -g, --gid gid
	      Set  the gid for the ALSA devices (default = 0).	This option is
	      obsolete in the recent ALSA version.

       -h, --help
	      Displays this help text.

       -L, --log file
	      Logging on the given file.  The log is  appended	to  the	 file.
	      This option is for debugging purpose only.

       -l, --legacy
	      Check only for legacy non-isapnp cards.

       -m, --modinfo
	      Read module descriptions instead of reading a card database.

       -P, --listprobe
	      List the supported legacy card modules.

       -p, --probe card-name
	      Probe a legacy non-isapnp card and print module options.

       -r, --strict
	      Set strict device mode (equiv. with -g 17 -d 0660).  This option
	      is obsolete in the recent ALSA version.

       -s, --sound-wav-file
	      Use the specified wav file as a test sound.

       -u, --uid uid
	      Set the uid for the ALSA devices (default = 0).  This option  is
	      obsolete in the recent ALSA version.

       In  Debian, the default gid of the device files is 29 (corresponding to
       the audio group) and the default device mode is 0660.

       For the ALSA base package, see also /usr/share/doc/alsa-base/

	alsamixer(1), amixer(1), aplay(1), arecord(1)


       The alsaconf script was written by Takashi Iwai <>,	 Bernd
       Kaindl <> and Jan Ondrej (SAL) <>

       This  manual  page was written by Jordi Mallach <>, for
       the Debian system (but may be used by others).

			       February 23, 2003		   ALSACONF(8)

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