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AMD64_GET_IOPERM(2)   OpenBSD Programmer's Manual (AMD64)  AMD64_GET_IOPERM(2)

     amd64_get_ioperm, amd64_set_ioperm - manage amd64 per-process I/O
     permission bitmap

     #include <sys/types.h>
     #include <machine/sysarch.h>

     amd64_get_ioperm(u_long *iomap);

     amd64_set_ioperm(u_long *iomap);

     amd64_get_ioperm() copies the current I/O permission bitmap into the
     memory referenced by iomap.

     amd64_set_ioperm() sets the I/O permission bitmap from the data pointed
     to by iomap.  This call is restricted to the superuser.

     The permission bitmap contains 1024 bits in 32 longwords.	If bit n is
     clear in the bitmap, then access is granted to I/O port n.	 If bit n is
     set in the bitmap, then an attempt to access I/O port n results in
     delivery of a SIGBUS signal unless the process's I/O permission level
     would grant I/O access.

     Note: Code using the amd64_get_ioperm() and amd64_set_ioperm() functions
     must be compiled using -lamd64.

     Upon successful completion, amd64_get_ioperm() and amd64_set_ioperm()
     return 0.	Otherwise, a value of -1 is returned and the global variable
     errno is set to indicate the error.

     amd64_get_ioperm() and amd64_set_ioperm() will fail if:

     [EFAULT]  iomap points outside the process's allocated address space.

     [EPERM]   The caller was not the superuser.


     Intel, AMD64 Microprocessor Programmer's Reference Manual.

     You can really hose your machine if you enable user-level I/O and write
     to hardware ports without care.

     The bitmap should really cover 65536 bits, but that's just too big for
     allocation in a kernel structure.	If you need access to ports beyond
     1024, use amd64_iopl(2).

OpenBSD 4.9			 June 26, 2008			   OpenBSD 4.9

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