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amgrd(1M)							     amgrd(1M)

       amgrd  -	 Change	 Behavior of HP Application Discovery Agent on Managed


       [-start] [-noreload ]



       [-enableRestart] [-start ]

       [-enableRestart] [-stop ]


       [-disableRestart] [-start ]

       [-disableRestart] [-stop ]

       [-procfreq interval{s|m|h}

       [-packfreq interval{s|m|h}


       The command allows you to interact with	an  HP	Application  Discovery
       agent  to start or stop its operation, to change its mode of operation,
       to collect information about it, and to change its data collection fre‐
       quency  on  the	system where it resides.  You will need root access to
       use this command.

       You can also execute from the HP SIM graphical user interface  by  fol‐
       lowing  the  Configure  >  Configure VSE Agents menus to HP Application
       Discovery options such as "Start AD Agents" or "Stop AD Agents".

       If no options are specified, the agent will start as a daemon with com‐
       munication  type of WBEM, as these are the command defaults.  The agent
       will   then   look   for	   configuration    options    in    a	  file
       /var/opt/amgr/ and run.	If /var/opt/amgr/agent.proper‐
       ties does not exist or does not contain a  property,  then
       the  agent  will	 run,  but it will not know the location of the CMS to
       which it should send data.

       The command recognizes the following options.

	      -config f Use configuration file f instead of default file.

	      -configfreq interval{s|m|h}
			Set configuration check frequency to a number t,  with
			s for seconds, m for minutes, or h for hours.

			Check status of the HP Application Discovery agent.

			By  itself,  -disableRestart removes any inittab entry
			for and exits.

			With -start, removes any inittab entry	for  and  runs
			the agent.

			With  -stop,  removes  any inittab entry for and stops
			the agent.

			By itself, -enableRestart adds an  inittab  entry  for
			and exits.

			With  -start,  adds  an inittab entry for and runs the

			With -stop, adds an inittab entry for  and  stops  the

			[Do  not]  run	the agent as a daemon.	-daemon is the
			default setting for .  Use -nodaemon only  for	triage
			as  the agent will die if the terminal session ends or
			the terminal is disconnected.

			[Do not] run the agent in debug mode.

	      -noreload Do not read in persisted  data	(used  when  agent  is
			started or restarted).

	      -packfreq interval{s|m|h}
			Set the package catalog collection frequency to a num‐
			ber t, with s for seconds, m for  minutes,  or	h  for

	      -procfreq interval{s|m|h}
			Set  the  process  collection frequency to a number t,
			with s for seconds, m for minutes, or h for hours.

	      -server s Connect to, try to connect  to,	 or  only  communicate
			with  the  Application	Discovery server on machine s,
			where s is the address of a machine running a  central
			management server.

	      -start	Start  an  agent  and  read  in	 persisted data.  This
			option is needed explicitly to enable the  setting  of
			restart and starting or restarting on the same invoca‐

	      -stop	Stop a running agent.

	      -u	(usage) Show current usage information and exit.

	      -v	(version) Show current HP Application  Discovery  ver‐
			sion and exit.

	      -verbose v
			Set  log  verbose  to  v, which can have the following

			0 = Disable log


			2 = LOG_ERROR

			3 = LOG_WARN


			5 = LOG_NOTE (default)

			6 = LOG_TRACE

       The command can be installed from a depot available on the HP VSE  Man‐
       aged  Node  Software  Update  Web site.	For installation instructions,
       please visit the VSE Management Web site at the following URL:

       Beginning with VSE Management Software Version A.03.00.00, is installed
       on the CMS when the VSE Management Software is installed.

	      0		The  command  completed	 successfully;	no errors were

	      1		An error occurred, and the command  did	 not  complete

       Start  HP  Application Discovery Agent as a daemon, and allow it to run
       with default options picked from the  file  /var/opt/amgr/agent.proper‐

	      # /opt/amgr/bin/amgrd

		<timestamp> Starting agent...

       Check the connection status of HP Application Discovery agent:

	      # /opt/amgr/bin/amgrd -connectionstatus


			Has  2 MB limit; then rolls over to alternating backup

			First alternate backup log

			Second alternate backup log

       amgrd(1M) was developed by Hewlett-Packard Company.

       amgrd(1M) A.04.01.01

       HP Application Discovery Version 4.1, April 2009

       HP Application Discovery Help Reference

       Related command page: agent_config(1M)


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