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AMLINT(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		     AMLINT(1)

     amlint — check Automator actions for problems

     amlint [-HhSs] [-d definition-bundle] [-x exception-file] action ...

     amlint checks the given Automator actions for various problems and inter‐
     face inconsistencies.  action is the path of a built action bundle.  The
     options are as follows:

     -H	   Print the filename for each error or warning.

     -h	   Suppress the prefixing of filenames when multiple actions are

     -S	   For each action, write a summary line indicating how many errors
	   and warnings there were.

     -s	   As -S, but skips the summary line for actions with no errors or

     -d definition-bundle
	   Specify a definition bundle, which specifies custom action input
	   and output types.  This option may be repeated if you need to spec‐
	   ify more than one bundle.

     -x exception-file
	   Specify a list of errors and warnings to ignore.  The file should
	   be plain text, with one line per error: the action filename, a
	   colon, space, and the text of the error.  For example:

		 My Action.action: error: NSButton "OK" should not use the metal style.

	   You can simply copy an output line from amlint -H.

     amlint exits with one of the following values:

     0	   no serious errors were found.

     1	   an error was found in one of the checked actions.

     >1	   an internal error occurred.

     Because of a bug in nibtool(1), amlint will fail to work on some nibs.
     You will see errors about the “old-style plist parser” if this happens.

Mac OS X		       December 9, 2005			      Mac OS X

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