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APT-CLONE(8)			 User Commands			  APT-CLONE(8)

       apt-clone - manual page for apt-clone 0.2

       usage: apt-clone [-h] [--debug] {info,clone,restore,restore-new-distro}

       Clone/restore package info of a debian based system or chroot  environ‐

   optional arguments:
       -h, --help
	      show  help message for apt-clone. Alternatively --help will out‐
	      put    command	specific    help    for	    any	    of	   the
	      {info,clone,restore,restore-new-distro} commands.

	      enable debug output


       info   Show info about a apt-clone archive.

       clone  Create a clone-file into <destination>. A alternative source dir
	      can be specified with --source.

	      Restore a clone file from <source>.  A  alternative  destination
	      can be given with --destination.

	      Restore  a  clone	 file  from  <source> to <destination> and try
	      upgrading along the way. this can be used so  that  the  current
	      release  is cloned, a new install is done and then the old clone
	      is installed.

apt-clone 0.2			September 2011			  APT-CLONE(8)

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