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       apt-extracttemplates  - Utility to extract DebConf config and templates
       from Debian packages

       apt-extracttemplate [ -hv ]  [ -t=temporary directory ]	file...

       apt-extracttemplates will take one or  more  Debian  package  files  as
       input  and  write  out (to a temporary directory) all associated config
       scripts and template files. For each passed in  package	that  contains
       config  scripts	and templates, one line of output will be generated in
       the format:

       package version template-file config-script

       template-file and config-script are written to the temporary  directory
       specified  by  the  -t  or  --tempdir (APT::ExtractTemplates::TempDir>)
       directory, with filenames of the form template.XXXX and config.XXXX

       All command line options may be set using the configuration  file,  the
       descriptions  indicate  the  configuration  option  to set. For boolean
       options you can override	 the  config  file  by	using  something  like
       -f-,--no-f, -f=no or several other variations.


	      Temporary directory in which to write extracted debconf template
	      files and config scripts	Configuration  Item:  APT::ExtractTem‐


       --help Show a short usage summary.


	      Show the program verison.


	      Configuration  File;  Specify  a configuration file to use.  The
	      program will read the default configuration file and  then  this
	      configuration file. See apt.conf(5) for syntax information.


	      Set a Configuration Option; This will set an arbitary configura‐
	      tion option. The syntax is -o Foo::Bar=bar.


       apt-extracttemplates returns zero on normal operation, decimal  100  on

       See  the APT bug page <URL:http://bugs.debian.org/apt>.	If you wish to
       report a bug in APT, please see /usr/share/doc/debian/bug-reporting.txt
       or the bug(1) command.

       APT was written by the APT team <apt@packages.debian.org>.

				 12 March 2001	       APT-EXTRACTTEMPLATES(1)

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