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AUSYSCALL:(8)		System Administration Utilities		 AUSYSCALL:(8)

       ausyscall - a program that allows mapping syscall names and numbers

       ausyscall [arch] name | number | --dump | --exact

       ausyscall is a program that prints out the mapping from syscall name to
       number and reverse for  the  given  arch.  The  arch  can  be  anything
       returned	 by  `uname -m`. If arch is not given, the program will take a
       guess based on the running image. You may give the syscall name or num‐
       ber  and	 it  will find the opposite. You can also dump the whole table
       with the --dump option. By default a syscall name lookup will be a sub‐
       string  match  meaning that it will try to match all occurrences of the
       given name with syscalls. So giving a name of  chown  will  match  both
       fchown  and  chown as any other syscall with chown in its name. If this
       behavior is not desired, pass the --exact flag and it will do an	 exact
       string match.

       This program can be used to verify syscall numbers on a biarch platform
       for rule optimization. For example, suppose you had an auditctl rule:

       -a always, exit -S open -F exit=-EPERM -k fail-open

       If you wanted to verify that both 32  and  64  bit  programs  would  be
       audited,	 run  "ausyscall  i386 open" and then "ausyscall x86_64 open".
       Look at the returned numbers. If they are different, you will  have  to
       write two auditctl rules to get complete coverage.

       -a always,exit -F arch=b32 -S open -F exit=-EPERM -k fail-open
       -a always,exit -F arch=b64 -S open -F exit=-EPERM -k fail-open

       For  more information about a specific syscall, use the man program and
       pass the number 2 as an argument to make sure that you get the  syscall
       information  rather  than a shell script program or glibc function call
       of the same name. For example, if you wanted to learn  about  the  open
       syscall, type: man 2 open.

       --dump Print all syscalls for the given arch

	      Instead  of  doing a partial word match, match the given syscall
	      name exactly.

       ausearch(8), auditctl(8).

       Steve Grubb

Red Hat				   Nov 2008			 AUSYSCALL:(8)

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