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base64(1)		  BSD General Commands Manual		     base64(1)

     base64 — Encode and decode using Base64 representation

     base64 [-d | -h | -v | -D] [-b count] [-i input_file] [-o output_file]

     base64 encodes and decodes Base64 data, as specified in RFC 4648. With no
     options, base64 reads raw data from stdin and writes encoded data as a
     continuous block to stdout.

     The following options are available:
     -b count
     --break=count	  Insert line breaks every count characters. Default
			  is 0, which generates an unbroken stream.

     --debug		  Print verbose log messages during processing.

     --decode		  Decode incoming Base64 stream into binary data.

     --help		  Print usage summary and exit.

     -i input_file
     --input=input_file	  Read input from input_file.  Default is stdin; pass‐
			  ing - also represents stdin.

     -o output_file
			  Write output to output_file.	Default is stdout;
			  passing - also represents stdout.

     --version		  Print build version and exit.

     openssl(1), wikipedia page ⟨⟩, RFC
     4648 ⟨⟩

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