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bastille_drift(1M)					    bastille_drift(1M)

       bastille_drift - system configuration drift analyzer

       Path (Linux): /usr/sbin

       Path (HP-UX): /opt/sec_mgmt/bastille/bin

       bastille_drift [ --from_baseline [ baseline ] ]

       bastille_drift [ --save_baseline [ baseline ] ]


       bastille_drift  is  a program for creating Bastille-configuration base‐
       lines and comparing the current state of the system to  a  saved	 base‐
       line.   This enables the user to see what, if any, changes had occurred
       relative to a saved baseline.

       Note: When first run successfully, Bastille automatically saves a base‐
       line in the default location (see FILES below).

       Here are the different operations for bastille_drift:

       bastille_drift [ --from_baseline [ baseline ] ]
	      Compare system state to specified (or default) baseline.

       bastille_drift [ --save_baseline [ baseline ] ]
	      Establish or update specified (or default) baseline.

	      Compare system state to default baseline.

       The following are diagnostics for bastille_drift:

       No Baseline exists with which to compare current state.

	      The  default  or	specified baseline file doesn't exist.	Either
	      save a baseline to the named location, if you'd  specified  one,
	      or save a baseline to the default location.

	      Note:  bastille  will save a baseline to the default location on
	      its first successful run.

       Attempt to establish system state not successful.

	      bastille_drift ran bastille --assessnobrowser to establish  sys‐
	      tem   state,   but   the	 operation   did   not	succeed.   The
	      bastille_drift error log should contain enough  detail  to  give
	      the user sufficient information to prevent reoccurrence.

	      Note that bastille_drift only detects a state change with regard
	      to a configuration option	 manipulated  Bastille,	 at  the  same
	      granularity  as  that covered by the original Bastille question.
	      Also, in a number of cases the input config will differ from the
	      saved  baseline.	This is normal, and most often involved either
	      manual-action-required questions, questions  that	 don't	affect
	      the  system  state,  or  cases  where no change was requested of
	      Bastille, but bastille was able to detect and baseline the  ini‐
	      tial state of the system.

	      Also,  note  that bastille baselines detect the configured state
	      of the system.  If only Bastille, SMH, or SAM are used  to  con‐
	      figure the system, those will, usually coincide with the dynamic
	      state of the affected processes as well.	In some	 cases,	 espe‐
	      cially  in  the  case  of	 a  manual  file edit or configuration
	      change, bastille_drift may note a state different than the  dae‐

	      EXAMPLE:	a  user changed inetd.conf, but forgot to run inetd -c
	      to ask inetd to reread its configuration file.

	      If you need to be certain that the  dynamic  state  matches  the
	      configured one, reboot the system.

       Perl  version  5.8.0  or greater, but we recommend 5.8.8 or greater for
       best performance.

       /var/opt/sec_mgmt/bastille/baselines  (HP-UX)

       /etc/Bastille/baselines	(Linux)

	      Default location for baselines if path not specified

       /var/opt/sec_mgmt/bastille/baselines/default_baseline  (HP-UX)

	      Default location for baseline if file not	 specified.   This  is
	      also where Bastille stores an initial baseline here on its first
	      successful run.

       /var/opt/sec_mgmt/bastille/log/Assessment/Drift.txt  (HP-UX)

	      Location of drift report/diff resulting from assessment

       perl(1), bastille(1M).

			 $Date: 2007/06/14 22:10:10 $	    bastille_drift(1M)

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