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BCMP(3)			  OpenBSD Programmer's Manual		       BCMP(3)

     bcmp, timingsafe_bcmp - compare byte string

     #include <string.h>

     bcmp(const void *b1, const void *b2, size_t len);

     timingsafe_bcmp(const void *b1, const void *b2, size_t len);

     The bcmp() function compares byte string b1 against byte string b2,
     returning zero if they are identical, non-zero otherwise.	Both strings
     are assumed to be len bytes long.	Zero-length strings are always

     The strings may overlap.

     The timingsafe_bcmp() function has the same semantics as bcmp(), but its
     running time is independent of the contents of b1 and b2, making it safe
     to use for comparing secret values such as cryptographic MACs.  In
     contrast, bcmp() returns after finding the first differing byte, making
     it vulnerable to timing attacks.

     memcmp(3), strcasecmp(3), strcmp(3), strcoll(3), strxfrm(3)

     A bcmp() function first appeared in 4.2BSD.

     The timingsafe_bcmp() function first appeared in OpenBSD 4.9.

OpenBSD 4.9		      September 24, 2010		   OpenBSD 4.9

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