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       blk_make_request - given a bio, allocate a corresponding struct

       struct request * blk_make_request(struct request_queue * q,
					 struct bio * bio, gfp_t gfp_mask);

	   target request queue

	   The bio describing the memory mappings that will be submitted for
	   IO. It may be a chained-bio properly constructed by block/bio

	   gfp flags to be used for memory allocation

       blk_make_request is the parallel of generic_make_request for BLOCK_PC
       type commands. Where the struct request needs to be farther initialized
       by the caller. It is passed a struct bio, which describes the memory
       info of the I/O transfer.

       The caller of blk_make_request must make sure that bi_io_vec are set to
       describe the memory buffers. That bio_data_dir will return the needed
       direction of the request. (And all bio's in the passed bio-chain are
       properly set accordingly)

       If called under none-sleepable conditions, mapped bio buffers must not
       need bouncing, by calling the appropriate masked or flagged allocator,
       suitable for the target device. Otherwise the call to blk_queue_bounce
       will BUG.

       When allocating/cloning a bio-chain, careful consideration should be
       given to how you allocate bios. In particular, you cannot use
       __GFP_WAIT for anything but the first bio in the chain. Otherwise you
       risk waiting for IO completion of a bio that hasn't been submitted yet,
       thus resulting in a deadlock. Alternatively bios should be allocated
       using bio_kmalloc instead of bio_alloc, as that avoids the mempool
       deadlock. If possible a big IO should be split into smaller parts when
       allocation fails. Partial allocation should not be an error, or you
       risk a live-lock.

Kernel Hackers Manual 3.8.	   June 2014		   BLK_MAKE_REQUEST(9)

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