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BSTR_PRINTF(9)		   Basic C Library Functions		BSTR_PRINTF(9)

       bstr_printf - Format a string from binary arguments and place it in a

       int bstr_printf(char * buf, size_t size, const char * fmt,
		       const u32 * bin_buf);

	   The buffer to place the result into

	   The size of the buffer, including the trailing null space

	   The format string to use

	   Binary arguments for the format string

       This function like C99 vsnprintf, but the difference is that vsnprintf
       gets arguments from stack, and bstr_printf gets arguments from bin_buf
       which is a binary buffer that generated by vbin_printf.

       The format follows C99 vsnprintf, but has some extensions: see
       vsnprintf comment for details.

       The return value is the number of characters which would be generated
       for the given input, excluding the trailing '\0', as per ISO C99. If
       you want to have the exact number of characters written into buf as
       return value (not including the trailing '\0'), use vscnprintf. If the
       return is greater than or equal to size, the resulting string is

Kernel Hackers Manual 3.8.	   June 2014			BSTR_PRINTF(9)

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