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BUILD_SKB(9)		       Linux Networking			  BUILD_SKB(9)

       build_skb - build a network buffer

       struct sk_buff * build_skb(void * data, unsigned int frag_size);

	   data buffer provided by caller

	   size of fragment, or 0 if head was kmalloced

       Allocate a new sk_buff. Caller provides space holding head and
       skb_shared_info.	 data must have been allocated by kmalloc The return
       is the new skb buffer. On a failure the return is NULL, and data is not

       Before IO, driver allocates only data buffer where NIC put incoming
       frame Driver should add room at head (NET_SKB_PAD) and MUST add room at
       tail (SKB_DATA_ALIGN(skb_shared_info)) After IO, driver calls
       build_skb, to allocate sk_buff and populate it before giving packet to
       stack. RX rings only contains data buffers, not full skbs.

Kernel Hackers Manual 3.8.	   June 2014			  BUILD_SKB(9)

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