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cachefspack(1M)						       cachefspack(1M)

       cachefspack - pack files and file systems in the cache

       packing-list ] cache-directory ] [ file ... ]

       The  utility  is	 used to set up and maintain files in the cache.  This
       utility affords greater control over the cache, ensuring that the spec‐
       ified files will be in the cache whenever possible.

       recognizes the following options:

	      Display pathname of the files to be cached.

	      Specify a
		      packing-list  file containing a list of files and direc‐
		      tories to be packed.  Options within subdirectories  and
		      files  can also be specified.  The format and rules gov‐
		      erning packing-list are  described  in  packingrules(4).
		      Directories are packed recursively.  Symlinks that match
		      a regular expression on a	 LIST  command	are  followed.
		      Symlinks encountered while recursively processing direc‐
		      tories are not followed.

	      Print a brief help summary of all the options.

	      View information about the packed files.

	      Pack the file or files specified by
		      file.  This is the default behavior.

	      Strip "./" from the beginning of a pattern name.

	      Unpack the file or files specified by

	      Unpack all files in the specified
		      cache-directory, under which the cache is stored.

       recognizes the following operands:

	      file   A path name of a file to be packed or unpacked.

       returns the following values:

	      Successful completion.

	      An error occurred.

       Pack the file projects in the cache.

       Pack the files projects, updates and master_plan in the cache.

       Unpack the file projects from the cache.

       Unpack the files projects, updates and master_plan from the cache.

       Unpack all files in the cache1 cache directory.

       Use the lists.pkg packing-list to specify files to  be  packed  in  the
       cache.  The contents of lists.pkg are as follows:

       This example will pack all files in the directory /src/junk with .c and
       .h extensions that do not contain the string SCCS in  the  file's  path

       was developed by Sun Microsystems, Inc.

       cfsadmin(1M), mount_cachefs(1M), packingrules(4)


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