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CIPTOOL(1)							    CIPTOOL(1)

       ciptool - Bluetooth Common ISDN Access Profile (CIP)

       ciptool [ options ] < command >

       ciptool	is used to set up, maintain, and inspect the CIP configuration
       of the Bluetooth subsystem in the Linux kernel.

       -h     Gives a list of possible commands.

       -i <hciX> | <bdaddr>
	      The command is applied to device hciX , which must be  the  name
	      or  the  address of an installed Bluetooth device. If not speciā€
	      fied, the command will be	 use  the  first  available  Bluetooth

       show   Display information about the connected devices.

       search Search  for  Bluetooth  devices  and  connect  to first one that
	      offers CIP support.

       connect <bdaddr> [psm]
	      Connect the local device to the remote Bluetooth device  on  the
	      specified	 PSM  number.  If no PSM is specified, it will use the
	      SDP to retrieve it from the remote device.

       release [bdaddr]
	      Release a connection to the specific device. If  no  address  is
	      given and only one device is connected this will be released.

       loopback <bdaddr> [psm]
	      Create  a connection to the remote device for Bluetooth testing.
	      This command will not provide a CAPI controller, because	it  is
	      only for testing the CAPI Message Transport Protocol.

       Written by Marcel Holtmann <>.

				 JUNE 6, 2003			    CIPTOOL(1)

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