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clog(1M)							      clog(1M)

       clog - Displays the specified log file. clog is part of the Distributed
       Systems Administration Utilities (DSAU).

       Path: /opt/dsau/bin/clog

       -D [options] filename

       Displays the specified log file as directed by the options given.   You
       must specify -D.

       -d [+-]date[-enddate]
		 Shows	only lines matching the date or date range, where date
		 displays an exact match (date), the specified date  and  ear‐
		 lier  (-date),	 the  specified	 date  and later (+date), or a
		 range of dates (date-enddate), inclusive.  Dates must	be  in
		 the form [yyyy]mmdd[.hh[mm[ss]]].

       -f filter_spec
		 Shows only results matching filter_spec, where filter_spec is
		 a Perl regular expression.

       -h	 Displays help on command options.

       -i	 Makes filter_spec case-insensitive.

       -k column_number
		 Sorts the result in ascending order by the specified columns.
		 The  columns  are specified in the layout files under , which
		 must not be changed.

       -l layout_file
		 Bases the output on the specified layout file.

       -o output_file
		 Sends the result to output_file.

       -r	 Causes -k to sort in reverse order.

       -t number_of_lines
		 Outputs up to the number of  lines  specified.	  The  command
		 reads	the  specified number of lines from the end of the log
		 file, applies any of the filter_spec expressions, and outputs
		 the  resulting output, which may contain less than the number
		 of lines specified.



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