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cmdprivadm(1M)							cmdprivadm(1M)

       cmdprivadm  -  noninteractive  editing of a command's authorization and
       privilege information in the privrun database


       is a noninteractive command that allows user with  appropriate  permis‐
       sion  to	 add  or  delete a command and its privileges in the Role-Base
       Access Control (RBAC) database, See privrun(1M)	for  more  details  on
       this file.

       When  adding a line to the database, sets fields that are not specified
       a default value.	 When deleting a line,	the  lines  matching  all  the
       given  pairs  will be deleted.  That is, if all fields specified match,
       the entry will be deleted.

	      Appends a line as specified in pairs in the file.

	      Deletes a line as specified in pairs from file.

       HP recommends that only the and commands be used to edit and  view  the
       RBAC databases; do not edit the RBAC files directly.

       See rbac(5) for information on the RBAC databases.

       The following options are valid pairs for

       command		   should  include  the full path name of the command.
			   There can be one or more  arguments	following  the

			   This	 field	may  contain  wildcards	 as defined in

       filename		   should specify the full path name of a file name.

       Specifies the operation.

       Specifies the object.

       Specifies the real user ID

       Specifies the effective user ID

       Specifies the real group ID

       Specifies the effective group ID

       Specifies the compartment.

       Specifies the privileges.

       Specifies the PAM service name to reauthenticate under.
			   See pam.conf(4) for a list of PAM services.

       Specifies the flags.

       Note: You must enclose values that contain the space character, or  any
       characters  that	 may  be interpreted by the shell, with single quotes.
       For example, if the has one or more arguments, enclose them with single

       In  order  to invoke the user must either be root, (running with effec‐
       tive UID of 0), or have the appropriate authorizations.	The  following
       is  a  list  of the required authorizations for running with particular

       Allows user to run
	      with options.

       Allows user to run
	      with options.

   Environment Variables
       determines the language in which messages are displayed.

   International Code Set Support
       Single-byte character code set is supported.

       Upon completion, returns one of the following values:


		   An appropriate error message is printed on standard error.

       The following commands add entries into the file:

       The following commands delete entries from the file:

       Database containing valid definitions of all roles.

       Database containing definitions of all valid authorizations.

       Database specifying the roles allowed for each specified user.

       Database defining the authorizations for each specified role.

       Database containing the authorization to execute specified commands,
			   and the privileges to alter UID and GID for command

       authadm(1M), privrun(1M), rbacdbchk(1M), roleadm(1M), rbac(5).


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