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CMIRRORD(8)							   CMIRRORD(8)

       cmirrord - cluster mirror log daemon


       cmirrord is the daemon that tracks mirror log information in a cluster.
       It is specific to device-mapper based mirrors (and  by  extension,  LVM
       cluster mirrors).  Cluster mirrors are not possible without this daemon

       This daemon relies on the cluster infrastructure provided by the	 Clus‐
       ter MANager (CMAN), which must be set up and running in order for cmir‐
       rord to function.  (The cluster infrastructure  is  also	 required  for

       Output is logged via syslog.  The USR1 signal can be issued to cmirrord
       to gather current status information for debugging purposes.

       Once started, cmirrord will run until it is shutdown  via  INT  signal.
       If  there are still active cluster mirrors, however, the signal will be
       ignored.	 Active cluster mirrors should be shutdown before stopping the
       cluster mirror log daemon.

       lvm(8) clvmd(8) cluster.conf(5)

Red Hat Inc	   LVM TOOLS 2.02.105(2)-RHEL7 (2014-03-26)	   CMIRRORD(8)

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