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cmpt_get_peer_cid(3)					  cmpt_get_peer_cid(3)

       cmpt_get_peer_cid(),  cmpt_get_endpoint_cid() - get the compartment IDs
       for INET domain communications.


	      s	     INET domain socket or stream.

       The and functions return	 the  compartments  associated	with  an  INET
       domain transport endpoint (a socket or a stream).

       The  function  returns  the  compartment	 ID  (cid) associated with the
       transport endpoint s.  The cid of a transport endpoint is  set  to  the
       process's cid at the time of creation, and does not change even when it
       is transferred between processes or the creating	 process  changes  its

       The  function returns the compartment ID of the peer that the transport
       endpoint s is communicating with.  For loopback communications, the cid
       is the one associated with the peer transport endpoint.	For communica‐
       tions over a network interface, the peer cid is the one associated with
       the network interface where communications are being received.  For TCP
       communications, the peer cid is persistent once a connection is	estab‐
       lished.	 For  other protocols, the peer cid may change for each packet
       that is received.

       The function returns an error if a connection is not  established  (for
       TCP) or no communication has been received (for all other protocols).

       and return the following values:

	      Successful completion.
		      The function returns a valid compartment ID.

	      Function failed.
		      is  set to indicate the error from the underlying system

       See ioctl(2) for errors indicated by

       These functions are a part of the library.

       compartments(4), compartments(5).


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