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CODA(4)			 BSD Kernel Interfaces Manual		       CODA(4)

     coda — Coda Distributed File System

     To compile this driver into the kernel, place the following lines in your
     kernel configuration file:

	   options CODA

     Alternatively, to load the driver as a module at boot time, place the
     following line in loader.conf(5):


     To load as a kernel loadable module after boot:

	   kldload coda

     The coda kernel module allows the experimental, third-party Coda distrib‐
     uted file system client to be used with FreeBSD.  The module allows the
     userspace Coda client daemon, Venus, to present the Coda distributed file
     system namespace via the local /coda file system mountpoint via the
     /dev/cfs0 special device.

     To use Coda, the Coda client software package must also be installed;
     more information on Coda may be found in the Coda documentation distrib‐
     uted with that package.

     loader.conf(5), kldload(8)

     Support for coda first appeared in FreeBSD 3.0.

     This manual page was written by Robert Watson ⟨⟩.

     The Coda distributed file system is considered experimental, and produc‐
     tion deployment should occur only after careful consideration of the
     risks of deploying experimental software.

BSD			       January 21, 2008				   BSD

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