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curs_color(3X)							curs_color(3X)

       start_color, init_pair, init_color, has_colors, can_change_color,
       color_content, pair_content, COLOR_PAIR - curses color manipulation

       # include <curses.h>

       int start_color(void);
       int init_pair(short pair, short f, short b);
       int init_color(short color, short r, short g, short b);
       bool has_colors(void);
       bool can_change_color(void);
       int color_content(short color, short *r, short *g, short *b);
       int pair_content(short pair, short *f, short *b);

       curses  support color attributes on terminals with that capability.  To
       use these routines start_color must  be	called,	 usually  right	 after
       initscr.	 Colors are always used in pairs (referred to as color-pairs).
       A color-pair consists of a foreground  color  (for  characters)	and  a
       background  color (for the blank field on which the characters are dis‐
       played).	 A  programmer	initializes  a	color-pair  with  the  routine
       init_pair.   After  it has been initialized, COLOR_PAIR(n), a macro de‐
       fined in <curses.h>, can be used as a new video attribute.

       If a terminal is ca