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       combindeltarpm - combine multiple deltarpms to a single one

       combinedeltarpm	[-v]  [-V  version] [-z compression] [-S signaturerpm]
       olddeltarpms...	newdeltarpm

       combinedeltarpm creates a new deltarpm from multiple old ones.	Apply‐
       ing  the	 rsulting deltarpm has the same effect as applying each of the
       old ones in the specified  order.  Use  the  -v	option	to  make  com‐
       binedeltarpm more verbose about its work.

       combinedeltarpm	normally  produces  a  V3  format deltarpm, use the -V
       option to specify a different version if desired. The -z option can  be
       used  to	 specify a different compression method, the default is to use
       the same compression method as used in the last of the old deltarpms.

       If you want to use a different header signature you can also specify  a
       rpm  with the -S option which will be used as signature reference. This
       feature can be used to if a deltarpm was made against an	 unsigned  rpm
       which later got signed.

       The  implementation of combinedeltarpm currently unpacks the add-blocks
       of the deltarpms in memory, thus it needs about twice the  uncompressed
       payload size of the target rpm.

       makedeltarpm(8) applydeltarpm(8)

       Michael Schroeder <>

				   May 2005		    COMBINEDELTARPM(8)

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