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create object(1m)					     create object(1m)

       create object - Creates an object entry

       cdscp  create  object object-name [CDS_Class = class-name CDS_ClassVer‐
       sion = value]

       The full name of the object entry.  The class  of  object  entry	 being
       created.	 You can specify an application-defined class name. A class is
       specified as a simple name limited to 31 characters.   The  version  of
       the class assigned to the object entry. Specify the value as v.n, where
       v defines the major release number and n specifies  the	minor  version
       number.	 Specifying a class version is useful as it allows the defini‐
       tion of a class to evolve as the application is revised.

       The create object command creates an object entry. This task is usually
       done through a client application.

   Privilege Required
       You must have insert permission to the parent directory.

       This  command  is replaced at Revision 1.1 by the dcecp command and may
       not be provided in future releases of DCE.

       The   following	  command    creates	an    object	entry	 named
       /.:/sales/east/floor1cp.	 The object entry describes a color printer on
       the first floor of a company's eastern  sales  office.	cdscp>	create
       object  /.:/sales/east/floor1cp	CDS_Class = printer CDS_ClassVersion =

       Commands: delete object(1m),  list  object(1m),	set  object(1m),  show

							     create object(1m)

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