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1.1.10-29.EL7(8)	System Administration Utilities	      1.1.10-29.EL7(8)

       1.1.10-29.el7 - Part of the Pacemaker cluster resource manager

       crm_report  -f  "YYYY-M-D  H:M:S"  [-t  "YYYY-M-D  H:M:S"]  [additional
       options] [dest]

       crm_report - Create a tarball containing everything needed when report‐
       ing cluster problems

       -V     increase verbosity

	      software version

	      software features

       -f, --from time
	      time to start from: "YYYY-M-D H:M:S"  (do not forget the quotes)

       -t, --to time
	      time to finish at (default: now)

       -T, --cts test
	      CTS test or set of tests to extract

	      CTS master logfile

       -n, --nodes nodes
	      node  names  for	this cluster only needed if the cluster is not
	      active on the current machine accepts both -n "a b" and -n a  -n

       -l, --logfile file
	      log  file to collect, normally this will be determined automati‐

       -p patt
	      additional regular expression to match variables to  be  removed
	      (default: "passw.*")

       -L patt
	      additional regular expression to match in log files for analysis
	      (default: CRIT: ERROR:)

       -M     collect only the logs specified by -l

       -S, --single-node
	      single node operation; don't try to start report	collectors  on
	      other nodes

       -c, --cluster type
	      force the cluster type (corosync,openais,heartbeat,logmaster)

       -A, --openais
	      force the cluster type to be OpenAIS

       -C, --corosync
	      force the cluster type to be CoroSync

       -H, --heartbeat
	      force the cluster type to be Heartbeat

       -u, --user user
	      ssh username for cluster nodes (default: root)

       -D, --depth
	      search depth to use when attempting to locate files

       -e, --rsh
	      specify the remote shell to use (default: ssh -T)

       --dest a custom destination directory/file

       dest   a custom destination directory/file

	      crm_report  -f  "2011-12-14 13:05:00" unexplained-apache-failure
	      crm_report -f 2011-12-14 -t 2011-12-15  something-that-took-mul‐
	      tiple-days crm_report -f 13:05:00	  -t 13:12:00	brief-outage

1.1.10-29.el7 - 368c726		   May 2014		      1.1.10-29.EL7(8)

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