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csa_update_entry_attributes(library ccsa_update_entry_attributes(library call)

       csa_update_entry_attributes — update the calendar entry attributes

       #include <xcsa.h>
       CSA_return_code csa_update_entry_attributes(
       CSA_session_handle session,
       CSA_entry_handle entry,
       CSA_enum update_scope,
       CSA_boolean update_propagation,
       CSA_uint32 number_attributes,
       CSA_attribute *entry_attributes,
       CSA_entry_handle *new_entry,
       CSA_extension *update_entry_attributes_extensions);

       The  csa_update_entry_attributes	 function  updates  the	 values of the
       entry attributes of the specified calendar entry.  The  existing	 value
       of each specified attribute will be replaced by the new value specified
       in entry_attributes. New attributes can be added	 using	this  function
       and existing attributes can be effectively deleted by setting the value
       part  of	 the  entry_attributes	structure  to  NULL.  If  a  read-only
       attribute  is specified, the error CSA_E_READONLY will be returned.  If
       the function returns an error, none of the specified attributes will be
       updated.	   Only	  the	owner	of   the   calendar,   or  users  with
       CSA_OWNER_RIGHTS,  users	 with  CSA_CHANGE_PUBLIC_ENTRIES,  users  with
       VATE_ENTRIES can update the entry attributes.

   Session (Session Handle)
       Opaque session handle that represents a session	with  the  calendaring

       Session	handles	 are  created by a logon function call and invalidated
       with a logoff function call.  If the session handle  is	invalid,  then
       the error CSA_E_INVALID_SESSION_HANDLE is returned.

   Entry (Entry Handle)
       The handle of the calendar entry to be updated.	If the entry handle is
       invalid, then the error CSA_E_INVALID_ENTRY_HANDLE is returned.

   Update Scope (Enum)
       Specifies the scope of the entry update.	 The value is one of:

		 Specifies that the scope of the update is for	all  recurring
		 entries associated with the specified entry:

		 Specifies that the scope of the update is for just the speci‐
		 fied entry.

		 Specifies that the scope of the update is for those recurring
		 entries  subsequent  to  the specified entry.	The scope also
		 includes the specified entry.

   Update Propagation (Boolean)
       The update propagation flag.  A value of FALSE indicates that the  cal‐
       endar  service  is  not to propagate updates to the entry to the atten‐
       dees' calendars.	 A value of TRUE indicates that the  calendar  service
       is  to attempt to propagate updates to the entry to the attendees' cal‐
       endars.	Propagation of updates is an implementation specific  feature.
       Implementations	that do not support update propagation will return the
       error CSA_E_UNSUPPORTED_PARAMETER if a value other than FALSE is speci‐

   Number Attributes (Uint32)
       The number of attributes that will be used to define the entry updates.

   Entry Attributes (Attribute)
       A  pointer  to  an  array of attributes that will be used to define the
       entry updates.

   Update Entry Attributes Extensions (Extension)
       A pointer to an array of CSA_extension structures  for  this  function.
       The  array  may	contain both input extensions for providing additional
       information to the function and output extensions for receiving	infor‐
       mation from the function.  A value of NULL indicates that the caller is
       not using any extensions.  See the extensions structure for more infor‐

   New Entry (Entry Handle)
       A  pointer  to the handle of the updated calendar entry.	 If this value
       is NULL, then the implementation did not need to	 create	 a  new	 entry
       handle  for the updated entry.  This handle is allocated by the service
       and should be freed with a single call to csa_free(3).

   Update Entry Attributes Extensions (Extension)
       If output extensions were passed to  the	 function  in  the  extensions
       list,  the results from the service will be available in the extension.
       See the extensions structure for more information.  Whether  the	 func‐
       tion  succeeded	or not, and, if not, why.  It may be success or one of
       the values listed under ERRORS below.

       The csa_update_entry_attributes function returns	 the  following	 error

		 Insufficient	disk  space  was  available  to	 complete  the
		 requested operation (this may refer to local or  shared  disk

		 There was a general failure that does not fit the description
		 of any other error code.

		 Insufficient memory was available to complete	the  requested

		 An attribute was specified that was not defined by this spec‐
		 ification  and	 the  implementation  does  not	 support   the
		 attribute as an application specific attribute.

		 An invalid attribute value was specified for an attribute.

		 The data extension requested is invalid.

		 An invalid calendar entry handle was specified.

		 A CSA_enum value is invalid.

		 A flag value in the flags argument was invalid.

		 The function extension requested is invalid.

		 A function parameter was invalid.

		 The  specified	 Session  Handle is invalid or no longer valid
		 (e.g., after logging off).

		 The user has insufficient authority for this function.

		 An attempt was made to update a readonly attribute.

		 The requested calendar service is unavailable.

		 The size of the text string passed to the  implementation  is
		 too large.

		 An  attribute was encountered that is unsupported by the cal‐
		 endar service.

		 The data extension requested is not supported.

		 The specified enumerated value is not valid.

		 The flag requested is not supported.

		 The  specified	 function  extension  is  not	supported   or
		 CSA_EXT_REQUIRED is set.  The specified function extension is
		 not supported or CSA_EXT_REQUIRED is set.

		 One of the parameters is not supported.

       csa/csa.h   -   csacsa(5),    csa_add_calendar(3),    csa_add_entry(3),
       csa_call_callbacks(3),	csa_delete_calendar(3),	  csa_delete_entry(3),
       csa_free(3), csa_free_time_search(3),  csa_list_calendar_attributes(3),
       csa_list_calendars(3),				  csa_list_entries(3),
       csa_list_entry_attributes(3),		   csa_list_entry_sequence(3),
       csa_logoff(3),	csa_logon(3),	csa_look_up(3),	  csa_query_configura‐
       tion(3), csa_read_calendar_attributes(3), csa_read_entry_attributes(3),
       csa_read_next_reminder(3),    csa_register_callback(3),	  csa_unregis‐
       ter_callback(3), csa_update_calendar_attributes(3).

				     csa_update_entry_attributes(library call)

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