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LNSTAT(8)							     LNSTAT(8)

       lnstat - unified linux network statistics

       lnstat [options]

       This manual page documents briefly the lnstat command.

       lnstat  is  a generalized and more feature-complete replacement for the
       old rtstat program.  In addition to routing cache statistics,  it  sup‐
       ports  any  kind	 of  statistics the linux kernel exports via a file in

       lnstat supports the following options.

       -h, --help
	      Show summary of options.

       -V, --version
	      Show version of program.

       -c, --count <count>
	      Print <count> number of intervals.

       -d, --dump
	      Dump list of available files/keys.

       -f, --file <file>
	      Statistics file to use.

       -i, --interval <intv>
	      Set interval to 'intv' seconds.

       -j, --json
	      Display results in JSON format

       -k, --keys k,k,k,...
	      Display only keys specified.

       -s, --subject [0-2]
	      Specify display of subject/header. '0' means no header  at  all,
	      '1'  prints a header only at start of the program and '2' prints
	      a header every 20 lines.

       -w, --width n,n,n,...
	      Width for each field.

       # lnstat -d
	      Get a list of supported statistics files.

       # lnstat -k arp_cache:entries,rt_cache:in_hit,arp_cache:destroys
	      Select the specified files and keys.

       # lnstat -i 10
	      Use an interval of 10 seconds.

       # lnstat -f ip_conntrack
	      Use only the specified file for statistics.

       # lnstat -s 0
	      Do not print a header at all.

       # lnstat -s 20
	      Print a header at start and every 20 lines.

       # lnstat -c -1 -i 1 -f rt_cache -k entries,in_hit,in_slow_tot
	      Display statistics for keys entries, in_hit and  in_slow_tot  of
	      field rt_cache every second.

       ip(8),  and  /usr/share/doc/iproute-doc/README.lnstat (package iproute-
       doc on Debian)

       lnstat was written by Harald Welte <laforge@gnumonks.org>.

       This manual page was written by Michael Prokop <mika@grml.org> for  the
       Debian project (but may be used by others).


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