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dce_login(1m)							 dce_login(1m)

       dce_login  -  Validates	a principal's identity and obtains the princi‐
       pal's network credentials

       dce_login [principal_name] [password] [-c | -k keytable] [-r] [-f | +f]

       [-e[xec] cmd_string]

       Causes the principal's identity to be certified.	 If you do not specify
       -c,  the principal's identity is validated only.	 Retrieves the authen‐
       tication key from keytable.  Refreshes and validates the current	 login
       ID.   Enables  DCE  TGT to be forwardable.  Disables DCE TGT to be for‐
       wardable.  Executes the command supplied as cmd_string.

       The name of the principal to log	 in  as.   The	password  for  princi‐

       The  dce_login  command	is  supplied for use in DCE configuration.  It
       validates a principal's identity and obtains  the  principal's  network

       If  the	-c  option is supplied, the command also certifies the princi‐
       pal's identity, and, if the principal is able to be certified,  creates
       an  entry  for  the  principal in the machine's local registry.	If the
       principal is not able to be certified, the command attempts to log  the
       principal in via the local registry.

       The  -exec  option  executes  the command specified by cmd_string after
       login.  If cmd_string is specified without a full  pathname,  the  path
       prefix  is  obtained by searching the directories according to the PATH

       If you do not supply the name of the principal to validate,  either  on
       the  command  line  with	 the principal_name argument or through the -r
       option that retrieves the principal name from the  current  login  con‐
       text,  dce_login	 prompts for the principal name.  If you do not supply
       the principal's	authentication key either on  the  command  line  with
       password argument or through the -k option that retrieves the principal
       authentication key from the specified keytable, dce_login  prompts  for
       the password.

       If  you supply the principal name and password on the command line, you
       must specify the principal name first, followed by  the	password.   If
       you  supply  the	 principal_name	 argument and the -r option, the named
       principla must be the principal of the current network identity.

       If you supply the -f option, the	 forwardable  TGT  attribute  is  then
       turned  on  for	this login context.  Then when forwarding a user's DCE
       TGT from machine A to machine B, it enables the user from machine A  to
       reuse their Kerberos credentials on machine B.  The option +f turns off
       the forwardable TGT attribute.  -f and +f can be	 used  in  conjunction
       with  -r	 to change the forwardable TGT attribute for the current login

       The dce_login command executes the shell specified in the  SHELL	 envi‐
       ronment variable.

       Note  that if the clocks on the Security server and client machines are
       not synchronized to within 2 or	3  minutes  of	each  other,  you  may
       receive a password validation error and be unable to be validated.


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