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dce_version(8)							dce_version(8)

       dce_version - print version information for HP DCE/9000 components

       /opt/dcelocal/etc/dce_version [-uvlG] [-g group_list] [-f version_file]
       [files ... ]

       -u	 Print a usage message.

       -v	 Print DCE version.  This is the default behavior.

	-l	 List available groups of interesting files.

       -F	 Print the name of the default version information file.

       -G	 Search files in all groups for what strings.

       -g group_list
		 Search files in  groups  specified  by	 group_list  for  what
		 strings.  group_list is a comma or white-space-separated list
		 of group names.  The available group names can be listed with

       -f version_file
		 Specify  an  alternate	 version information file to use.  The
		 version information file contains the DCE version string  and
		 group/file  lists.   The  default version information file is

       By default, dce_version prints the version of  DCE  that	 is  currently
       installed.   It	can also print the what strings for one or more groups
       of ``interesting'' DCE  files,  list  the  available  group  names  and
       descriptions,  or search any specified file for DCE what strings.  More
       than one action can be specified in a single invocation of dce_version.

       Filenames to be searched for DCE what strings should be specified after
       any command line options.



HP DCE								dce_version(8)

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