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dial(3C)							      dial(3C)

       dial(), undial() - establish an outgoing terminal line connection

       The  function  returns  a  file descriptor for a terminal line open for
       read/write.  The argument to is a  structure  (defined  in  the	header

       When  finished  with the terminal line, the calling program must invoke
       to release the semaphore that has been set during the allocation of the
       terminal device.

       The definition of in the header file is:

       elements are as follows:

	      speed	Intended only for use with an outgoing dialed call, in
			which case its value should be either 300 or  1200  to
			identify  the  113A  modem,  or the high- or low-speed
			setting on the 212A modem.  Note that the  113A	 modem
			or  the	 low-speed setting of the 212A modem transmits
			at any rate between 0 and 300 bits per	second.	  How‐
			ever,  the high-speed setting of the 212A modem trans‐
			mits and receives at 1200 bits per second only.

	      baud	Desired transmission  baud  rate.   For	 example,  one
			might  set  baud  to  110  and speed to 300 (or 1200).
			However, if speed is set to 1200, baud must be set  to
			high (1200).

	      line	If  the	 desired  terminal  line  is  a direct line, a
			string pointer to its device name should be placed  in
			the  line  element in the structure.  Legal values for
			such terminal device names are kept in the  file.   In
			this  case,  the value of the baud element need not be
			specified as it will be determined from the file.

	      telno	A pointer to a character string representing the tele‐
			phone  number  to be dialed.  Such numbers can consist
			only of symbols described below.  The termination sym‐
			bol  is	 supplied  by  the function, and should not be
			included in the telno string passed to in  the	struc‐

			Permissible Codes




			4-second delay for second dial tone

			End of number

			Wait for secondary dial tone

			Flash off-hook for 1 second

	      modem	Specifies modem control for direct lines.  Set to non-
			zero if modem control is required.

	      attr	Pointer to a structure, as defined in the header file.
			A NULL value for this pointer element can be passed to
			the function, but if such a structure is included, the
			elements specified in it are set for the outgoing ter‐
			minal line before the connection is established.  This
			is often important for certain attributes such as par‐
			ity and baud rate.

	      device	Holds the device name that establishes the connection.

	      dev_len	Length of the device name  that	 is  copied  into  the
			array device.

       On  failure,  a negative value indicating the reason for the failure is
       returned.  Mnemonics for these negative	indices	 as  listed  here  are
       defined in the header file.

       Including the header file automatically includes the header file.

       The above routine uses which causes unexpected increases in the size of
       programs that otherwise do not use standard I/O.

       The function will modify the values of some of the fields of the struc‐
       ture  so if is reinvoked, it will reinitialize the values of the struc‐

       uucp(1), alarm(2), read(2), write(2), thread_safety(5), termio(7).

       UUCP tutorial in


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