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dirent(5)							     dirent(5)

       dirent.h - format of directory streams and directory entries

       This  header  file defines data types used by the directory stream rou‐
       tines described in directory(3C).

       The following data types are defined:

	      A structure  containing  information  about  an  open  directory

	      A structure defining the format of entries returned
				  by the function (see directory(3C)).

       The structure includes the following members:

	      char d_name[MAXNAMLEN+1];	 /* name of directory entry */
	      ino_t d_ino;		 /* file serial number */
	      short d_namlen;		 /* length of string in d_name */
	      short d_reclen;		 /* length of this record */

       The constant is defined in

       Note that the entry is used internally to represent the offset from the
       current entry to the next valid entry.  Therefore, is not the length of
       the  current entry, but the length of the current record where a record
       is an entry plus any currently unused space between the	current	 entry
       and  the	 next  valid  entry.   The  unused space between valid entries
       results from changes in a directory's contents, such as the deletion of
       files and other directories.

       This  file  also	 contains external declarations for the functions that
       perform directory operations (see directory(3C)).

       For 32-bit applications, the d_ino field may overflow  for  filesystems
       that  use 64-bit values.	 In this case, the most-significant bytes will
       be truncated without error, and the value may not be unique.

       was developed by AT&T and HP.



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