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expm1(3M)							     expm1(3M)

       expm1(),	 expm1f(),  expm1l(), expm1w(), expm1q() - exponential minus 1

   HP Integrity Server Only
       The function is equivalent to - 1, but may be more  accurate  for  very
       small values of x.

       The  and	 functions are useful to guarantee that financial calculations
       of (((1+x)**n)-1)/x are accurate when x is very small, namely:

       The preceding example might be applicable when calculating small	 daily
       interest rates.

       See also

   Integrity Server Only
       is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result.

       is a version of it takes a argument and returns a result.

       is an version of it takes an argument and returns an result.

       is equivalent to on HP-UX systems.

       To  use these functions, compile either with the default option or with
       the and options.

       To use (for Integrity servers) or compile also with the option.

       Make sure your program includes and link in the math library by	speci‐
       fying on the compiler or linker command line.

       For more information, see the at the following site:

       If x is +INFINITY, returns +INFINITY.

       If x is −INFINITY, returns -1.0.

       If x is NaN, returns NaN.

       returns	infinity  (equal  to in lieu of a value whose magnitude is too
       large, and raises the overflow and inexact exceptions.

       When it raises no other exception, whether raises the inexact exception
       is unspecified.

       If the correct value would overflow, sets to [ERANGE].

   Integrity Server Only
       HP-UX  functions	 on  Integrity server do not set by default.  For set‐
       ting, compile with the option.

       annuity(3M), compound(3M), exp(3M), log1p(3M), math(5).

       : XPG4.2, ISO/IEC C99 (including Annex F,  ``IEC	 60559	floating-point

       :  ISO/IEC  C99	(including  Annex F, ``IEC 60559 floating-point arith‐


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