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EXTATTR(3)		 BSD Library Functions Manual		    EXTATTR(3)

     extattr_namespace_to_string, extattr_string_to_namespace — convert an
     extended attribute namespace identifier to a string and vice versa

     System Utilities Library (libutil, -lutil)

     #include <sys/extattr.h>
     #include <libutil.h>

     extattr_namespace_to_string(int attrnamespace, char **string);

     extattr_string_to_namespace(const char *string, int *attrnamespace);

     The extattr_namespace_to_string() function converts a VFS extended
     attribute identifier to a human-readable string; the
     extattr_string_to_namespace() function undoes the aforementioned opera‐
     tion, and converts a human-readable string representing a namespace to a
     namespace identifier.  Although a file system may implement arbitrary
     namespaces, these functions only support the EXTATTR_NAMESPACE_USER
     (“user”) and EXTATTR_NAMESPACE_SYSTEM (“system”) namespaces, which are
     defined in extattr(9).

     These functions are meant to be used in error reporting and other inter‐
     active tasks.  For example, instead of printing the integer identifying
     an extended attribute in an error message, a program might use
     extattr_namespace_to_string() to obtain a human-readable representation.
     Likewise, instead of requiring a user to enter the integer representing a
     namespace, an interactive program might ask for a name and use
     extattr_string_to_namespace() to get the desired identifier.

     If any of the calls are unsuccessful, the value -1 is returned and the
     global variable errno is set to indicate the error.

     [EINVAL]		The requested namespace could not be identified.

     extattr(2), getextattr(8), setextattr(8), extattr(9)

     Extended attribute support was developed as part of the TrustedBSD
     Project, and introduced in FreeBSD 5.0.  It was developed to support
     security extensions requiring additional labels to be associated with
     each file or directory.

BSD				 June 24, 2001				   BSD

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