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       foomatic-printjob  - manage printer jobs in a spooler-independent fash‐

       foomatic-printjob [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [  -o	option1=value1
       -o option2 ... ] [ -i ] [ file1 file2 ... ]

       foomatic-printjob  -Q  [	 -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ] [ -a ] [
       user1 user2 ... ]

       foomatic-printjob -R [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ]  [	-i  ]  [  -  |
       jobid1 jobid2 ... ]

       foomatic-printjob -C [ -s spooler ] [ -i ] command [ arguments ]

       foomatic-printjob -S [ -s spooler ] [ -i ]

       foomatic-printjob -h [ -s spooler ] [ -P queuename ] [ -i ]

       foomatic-printjob  provides a spooler-independent interface to creating
       and managing printer jobs and print queues.  Note that the first	 argu‐
       ment  changes the mode of the command, as it combines the functionality
       of several System V-style printing commands.

       -sspooler Explicit spooler type.

		 Any commands specified should apply to this queue instead  of
		 the default.

		 Set option to value

       -ooption	 Set the switch option

       -#n	 Print n copies

       file1  file2  ...
		 Files	to  be	printed, when no file is given, standard input
		 will be printed

       -Q	 Query the jobs in a queue.  If a list of users is  specified,
		 only those users' jobs will be queried.

       -Q -a	 Query	the  jobs in all queues.  If a list of users is speci‐
		 fied, only those users' jobs will be queried.

       -R [ - | jobid1 jobid2 ... ]
		 Remove a job from a queue.  Using - will remove all jobs.

       -C command [ arguments ]
		 Execute control commands  for	queue/job  manipulation.   The
		 commands  are the ones of the BSD "lpc" utility. Use the con‐
		 trol command "help" to get  a	list  of  supported  commands.
		 Note: the amount of commands varies with the spooler, but the
		 same commands given under  different  spoolers	 do  the  same

       -i	 Interactive  mode:  You will be asked if foomatic-printjob is
		 in doubt about something.  Otherwise  foomatic-printjob  uses
		 auto-detection or quits with an error.

       -S	 Save the chosen spooler as the default spooler

       -h	 Show  this  message  or show a list of available options if a
		 queue is specified

       foomatic-configure(1) and the documentation for your print spooler.

       Manfred	Wassmann  <>  and  Chris  Lawrence
       <>  for  the	foomatic project using output from the
       associated binary.

       This manpage still needs some editing.

Foomatic Project		  2001-01-06		  FOOMATIC-PRINTJOB(1)

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