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getext(1M)							    getext(1M)

       getext - get VxFS extent attributes


       displays extent attribute information associated with a set of files.

       recognizes the following options:

	      Do  not print the filenames for which extent attributes are dis‐

	      Specify the VxFS file system type.

	      Do not print output for files that  do  not  have	 fixed	extent
			     or reservations.

	      Echo the completed command line, but do not execute the command.
			     The  command  line	 is generated by incorporating
			     the user-specified options.  This	option	allows
			     the user to verify the command line.

       recognizes the following operand:

	      file	     Name of file in a VxFS file system.

       Only the and allocation flags (set through setext(1M) or the ioctl) are
       persistent attributes of the file and  therefore	 visible  via  or  the
       ioctl.	is also visible, although it is cleared and the reservation is
       reduced on the final close of the file.

       The following example shows a file with a block size of 1024 bytes,  36
       blocks  reserved,  a  fixed  extent  size  of 3 blocks, and all extents
       aligned to 3 block boundaries:

       The file size cannot  be	 extended  once	 the  current  reservation  is
       exhausted.   Reservations and fixed extent sizes are allocated in units
       of the file system block size.

       setext(1M), vxfsio(7).


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