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glXSwapBuffers()					      glXSwapBuffers()

       glXSwapBuffers - exchange front and back buffers

       void glXSwapBuffers(
	       Display *dpy,
	       GLXDrawable drawable );

       Specifies the connection to the X server.  Specifies the drawable whose
       buffers are to be swapped.

       glXSwapBuffers() promotes the contents of the back buffer  of  drawable
       to become the contents of the front buffer of drawable. The contents of
       the back buffer then become undefined. The update typically takes place
       during  the  vertical  retrace  of the monitor, rather than immediately
       after glXSwapBuffers() is called.

       glXSwapBuffers() performs an implicit glFlush() before it returns. Sub‐
       sequent	OpenGL	commands  may  be  issued  immediately	after  calling
       glXSwapBuffers(), but are not executed until  the  buffer  exchange  is

       If  drawable  was not created with respect to a double-buffered visual,
       glXSwapBuffers() has no effect, and no error is generated.

       The contents of the back buffer become undefined	 after	a  swap.  Note
       that this applies to pbuffers as well as windows.

       All  GLX	 rendering  contexts  share the same notion of which are front
       buffers and which are back buffers. One consequence is that when multi‐
       ple  clients  are  rendering to the same double-buffered window, all of
       them should finish rendering before one of them issues the  command  to
       swap  buffers.  The  clients are responsible for implementing this syn‐
       chronization. Typically this is accomplished  by	 executing  glFinish()
       and  then using a semaphore in shared memory to rendezvous before swap‐

       GLXBadDrawable is generated if drawable is not a valid GLX drawable.

       GLXBadCurrentWindow is generated if dpy and drawable  are  respectively
       the  display  and  drawable  associated with the current context of the
       calling thread, and drawable identifies a  window  that	is  no	longer

       glFlush(), glXBindSwapBarrierSGIX(), glXJoinSwapGroupSGIX(), glXSwapIn‐

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