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       gnome-session-inhibit - inhibit gnome-session functionality

       gnome-session-inhibit [OPTION...] [COMMAND]

       gnome-session-inhibit can inhibit certain gnome-session functionality
       while executing the given COMMAND. To achieve this, it calls the
       Inhibit() method of the gnome-session D-Bus API and creates an
       inhibitor. The inhibitor is automatically removed when
       gnome-session-inhibit exits.

       A typical use case is to prevent the session from going idle (and thus
       locking the screen) while a movie player is running.

       -h, --help
	   print help and exit

	   print version information and exit

       --app-id ID
	   The application id to use when calling the gnome-session Inhibit()
	   method. If this option is not specified, "unknown" is used.

       --reason REASON
	   A human-readable reason to pass along when calling the
	   gnome-session Inhibit() method. If this option is not specified,
	   "not specified" is used.

       --inhibit ARG
	   ARG specifies the things to inhibit, as a colon-separated list. The
	   possible values are logout, switch-user, suspend, idle, automount.
	   If this option is used more than once, the values are combined. If
	   this option is not specified, "idle" is assumed.

	   Do not launch COMMAND and wait forever instead


gnome-session						 GNOME-SESSION-INHI(1)

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