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machid(1)							     machid(1)

       machid:	hp9000s200,  hp9000s300,  hp9000s400,  hp9000s500, hp9000s700,
       hp9000s800, hp-mc680x0, hp-pa, pdp11, u370, u3b, u3b10, u3b2, u3b5, vax
       - provide truth value about processor type

       The  following commands return a true value (exit code 0) if the a pro‐
       cessor type matches the command name.  Otherwise a  false  value	 (exit
       code  nonzero)  is  returned.   These commands are commonly used within
       makefiles and shell procedures to improve portability  of  applications
       (see make(1)).

     │Command	 │ True for		   ││Command │ True for			│
     │hp9000s200 │ Series 200		   ││pdp11   │ PDP-11/45 or PDP-11/70	│
     │hp9000s300 │ Series 300		   ││u3b     │ 3B20 computer		│
     │hp9000s400 │ Series 400		   ││u3b2    │ 3B2 computer		│
     │hp9000s500 │ Series 500		   ││u3b5    │ 3B5 computer		│
     │hp9000s700 │ Series 700		   ││u3b10   │ 3B10 computer		│
     │hp9000s800 │ Series 800 or 700	   ││u370    │ IBM System/370 computer	│
     │hp-mc680x0 │ Series 200, 300, or 400 ││vax     │ VAX-11/750 or VAX-11/780 │
     │hp-pa	 │ Series 700 or 800	   ││	     │				│
       Given  a	 shell	script	that must behave differently when run on an HP
       9000 Series 700 or 800 system, select the correct code  segment	to  be

       always  returns true on both Series 800 and Series 700 systems.	There‐
       fore, when using this command in scripts to  determine  hardware	 type,
       always  use  both  and  in  the	appropriate sequence to ensure correct
       results (see

       machid(1) will no longer provide support for future machines beyond the
       Series  800  and	 Series 700 systems.  Decisions should be based on the
       hardware and software configuration information returned by getconf(1).

       getconf(1), make(1), sh(1), test(1), true(1).


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