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hp_wlmtk_goals_report(1M)			     hp_wlmtk_goals_report(1M)

       hp_wlmtk_goals_report  -	 Macro for SAS jobs with their durations being
       managed to report "percent complete"  to	 the  HP-UX  Workload  Manager
       utility wlmdurdc

       percent_complete is an integer value ranging from 1 to 99 inclusive.

      ======================> NOTE ON DEPRECATION <=======================
       WLM  Toolkit  for  Base	SAS  Software  (SASTK) will be deprecated in a
       future release; however, a new and improved SASTK will be  made	avail‐
       able. It will include a white paper and example configuration files.

       Use  the	 macro to instrument your SAS jobs. Place the macro throughout
       the source code to report percent complete to the HP-UX	Workload  Man‐
       ager duration management data collector

       Using  this  macro  is optional. If you are satisfied with your current
       duration management, do not use the macro. If, however, you prefer more
       precise	duration  management, use this macro to guide to more accurate
       management. With accurate input from can fine-tune its estimates on how
       much  CPU  a  job  needs	 to finish in the desired duration. Using this
       macro is especially beneficial when there are fluctuations in data  set
       size.  For  example, the macro can inform when the job is 25% complete,
       despite the fact that the time to complete 25% of the  job  changes  as
       the size of the data set changes.

       Each invocation of in a SAS job collects the following data:

	      ·	 percent_complete, as read from the user-supplied argument

	      ·	 The job's PID

       This data is then passed to makes the information available in syslog.

       Each  macro  invocation is numbered in syslog. This allows you to match
       the data in the file to the invocation in the SAS job, which is helpful
       in debugging. For example, assume syslog has an entry including:

       Percent update: 79, Tag: 5 (pid 20179)

       From  this,  we know that the 5th invocation (Tag: 5) of in the SAS job
       running with PID 20179 claims that the job  is  79%  complete.  If  the
       application  is	not  actually  79%  complete at this point, adjust the
       value in the invocation.

       If the percent_complete value is invalid (not an integer from 1	to  99
       inclusive),  the value is logged to syslog but ignored for the purposes
       of duration management.

       The following example code fragment shows how to insert calls into your
       SAS  job. After the first run statement, we know the job is 6% done. We
       also know that after the second run statement, it is 53% done.  Placing
       the macro in the code, we provide that information to

       /*  Fit a stepwise linear regression.	    */
       proc reg data=sample;
	 model netresp= &indepent /selection=STEPWISE sle=.15 sls=.05 vif collin stb;


       /*  Fit a stepwise logistic regression.	    */
       proc logistic data=sample;
	 model netresp= &indepent / maxiter=200 risklimits selection=S


       /*  Fit a stepwise logistic regression.	    */
       proc logistic data=sample;
	 model netresp= &indepent / maxiter=200 risklimits selection=S

       was developed by HP.

       If  you would like to comment on the current WLM Toolkits functionality
       or make suggestions for future releases, please send email to:


       The SAS macro for reporting "percent complete" to
       syslogd(1M), wlmd(1M), wlmdurdc(1M), wlm(5), wlmtk(5)

       HP-UX Workload Manager User's Guide

       HP-UX Workload Manager Toolkits User's Guide

       Example WLM configuration files

       Example discovery commands

       WLMTK updates and information


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