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ilogind(1M)							   ilogind(1M)

       ilogind - Interface for and with DCE

       is  an  interface  daemon  for (see pam_dce(5)),and lib‐ with DCE (/opt/dce/sbin/ilogind).

       starts up when integrated login is activated  using  the	 utility.  See

       For  the services in file that have as the module to pro‐
       vide any of the authentication, account, management, session and	 pass‐
       word  services sends the requests to which in turn inter‐
       acts with DCE and services the requests. The results of these  requests
       are returned to

       services the name service requests specified in If is one of the repos‐
       itory databases for passwd and/or  group	 entries  then,
       services	 the  corresponding  name  type	 requests  (all	 calls to lib‐ sends the name type requests to which in turn calls the  DCE
       registry	 APIs to get them serviced and returns the result back to lib‐

       A file named DEBUG can be created in the directory with the setuid  bit
       set,  for  debugging  purposes.	 So,  if ilogind dumps core, it can be
       located in

       can be used to set the cache limit. The default value for this variable
       is 256.

       specifies the life of the password/group entry, which is 60 seconds.

       In  unix,  for any calls, if the length of each line in /etc/group file
       exceeds the limit specified by LINE_MAX, it will return a  NULL	value.
       Refer group(4) for more details. However, DCE will return a valid entry
       with  members  upto  the	 size  specified  by  the  return   value   of
       sysconf(_SC_GETGR_R_SIZE_MAX).  This value is analogous to the LINE_MAX
       value.  In case of file, the number of members in a group  are  limited
       to  50. Members exceeding the count 50 will be discarded. Also, entries
       with duplicate group names are not supported in the override file.

       Configuration file for pluggable authentication modules

       Configuration file for the name-service switch

       was developed by Hewlett Packard.

       auth.adm(5),  pam_dce(5),  pam.conf(4),	 getgrent(3C),	 getpwent(3C),
       groups(1), passwd(1) passwd_override(5) group_override(5) sysconf(2)

HP DCE								   ilogind(1M)

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